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E510Magazine F(Korea) -共9期 2020年03期 No.12 KIMCHI-泡菜
E510Magazine F(Korea) -共9期 2020年03期 No.12 KIMCHI-泡菜
ISBN: 9791160361063
Publisher出版社: Baemin & Magazine B
Language版别: 期刊Magazine
Category分类: 期刊杂志Magazine
Pub Date出版日期: 2020-04-01

Food Documentary Magazine

Magazine F No.12 KIMCHI (EN)



Magazine > Culture / Lifestyle

Publisher Baemin, Magazine B | 170 X 240mm, 152 pages


■ About the Publication

Magazine F is a food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin, which introduces one particular ingredient that has had a significant impact on people’s table. Baemin has become a critical mover and shaker in South Korean contemporary food culture, and B provides a balanced view on brands through multi-layered stories. This collaboration brings together these two areas of expertise in F, which is hoped to become a record of essential ingredients and food culture of our time.

■ About the Publishers


Baemin is a food-tech company, founded in June 2010, by owner Bongjin Kim. With over 3 billion downloads, it is considered Korea’s number one delivery app that leads the food delivery industry under the mission of “Good Food Wherever You Want”. It now plans to expand its multi food-tech company in creating unique businesses like Baemin Riders, Baemin-Chan, and Baemin-Sanghwe.

Magazine B

Magazine B is an ad-free monthly publication that dedicates each issue to one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe. The magazine introduces the brand’s hidden stories, as well as its sensibility and culture, and is an easy but also serious read for anyone with an interest in brands.

■ About the Issue

Kimchi is a millennia-old, preserved food of Korea, and kimjang, the making and sharing of kimchi to be eaten over winter months, was designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. Napa cabbages and Korean radishes are salted, coated in red pepper powder, garlic, and other savory ingredients, and then left to ferment. As each family developed their own recipe, kimchi became more diverse with each passing generation. Kimchidok crocks kept in the ground have been replaced by refrigerators in the home specifically for kimchi storage—evincing the everlasting symbolism of kimchi on the Korean table. Today, fermentation is a major trend in gastronomy culture, and this naturally fermented, probiotic-rich food is revered worldwide.

■ Contents

2 Intro

8 Letter from F

12 Exploring

Thoughts on kimchi from global chefs and kimchi experts

16 Overview

Kimchi’s meaning and role in Korean culture

20 Kimchi Chronicles

Symbolism of kimchi across history as told by six Korean food researchers

48 Extension

Kimchi-storing containers and techniques show the advancement of the kimchi industry

54 Academic Manual

Tidbits and trivia about kimchi, including historical facts, traditional dishes, and trends

72 Four Seasons

A list of kimchi for four seasons

74 Component Table

Diversity of kimchi through regional comparisons

76 F Lab

Delicious kimchi

78 F Cut

Infinite variations of kimchi with different ingredients and forms

88 Interview

88 Jeong Kwan

The venerable Jeong Kwan’s food contains the essence of nature and value of life

96 Jonguk Lee

Korean chef Jongguk Lee focuses on taste rather than shape or form

102 On the Table

Old Korean restaurants famous for scrumptious kimchi

118 Independent Brands

Global independent kimchi brands make creative kimchi varieties by combining local ingredients and Korean condiments

128 Interview

128 Matthew Calderisi

Founder of fermented food brand Ferment 9, Matthew Calderisi, talks about kimchi’s potential

132 Daily Menu

Everyday dishes prepared by people from diverse cultures

138 Into the Market

Novel kimchi products with great branding

142 References

Books and YouTube channels recommended by kimchi experts, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts

150 Dictionary

151 Index


20 – Kimchi Chronicles


28 - Oijang Kimchi


38 - Tongbaechu Kimchi


46 - Seokbakji


58 - History


78 – F Cut


88 – Interview / Jeong Kwan


102 - On the Table

        118 - Independent Brands


126 - Daily Menu